I have always been interested in photography but it is only really in the last few years that I have been pushing myself to make the move into doing it professionally.
I have been asked to do a large variety of work from portraiture commissions through to model shoots and live gigs for bands including Turin Brakes.
There really isn't a topic that I am not interested in as it is all about catching that one moment and be it the light or a certain expression for me....I utilize post process methods a lot and firmly believe they are an amazing creative tool to have... very often the scene I saw in my mind's eye can be achieved and it becomes an almost painterly process not hindered by what was actually there!
I am always working on an open project to capture the raw beauty of where I live and that town is the theme I love and come back too the most with its rugged beauty perfectly suiting my approach and photographic style.

I am available to take commissions and if there are any pieces of interest please contact me and I will more than happily discuss sizes and according prices.